Mount Pavilia 2

PROJECT: Mount Pavilia 2
CATEGORY: Interior Design
TYPE: Residential
LOCATION: Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

The concept for the interior embraces owner’s love for nature and the environment. The design is conceived as an extension of the outdoors into the interior. Inspired by natural patterns, warm color tones, and light material textures, the interior provides a simple yet calm environment for contemplation.


Natural light is allowed to flood into the living areas, bouncing off white walls, beech tone wood finishes, and white marble table tops. Paintings are displayed in a playful manner along the entrance wall, framed within a wood lattice. The overall wood tone colors are juxtaposed with the pristine qualities of white marble in order to create a serene and welcoming ambiance.

Living Room 2.jpg
Living Room 1.jpg
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Bookcase 2.jpg
Bookcase 3.jpg