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There are 3 ways for designers to price a design:

1. By Sq.ft / Sq.m

This is typically used for large scale projects (i.e for a developer’s project) or for a project where there is currently NO DESIGN at all yet, therefore it is used as a rough estimation by the designer.

2. By Lum Sum

Based on an initial design. Most commonly used for small private projects. The designer produces an initial design with the client’s approval to use for pricing, he/she then approaches the contractor to determine a BUILD cost for the project. The design fee is typically 10%-20% of the entire BUILD cost. Add the design and build cost up for the whole design and build fee.

3. By Labor and Time Cost

The designer determines how many days or hours and manpower he/she needs to spend on the whole project, he/she then adds his/her profit and presents to the client. This is rarely used because designers usually do not reveal their labor and time cost to clients.