BoConcept Awards 2018

PROJECT: BoConcept Awards 2018
CATEGORY: Interior Design
TYPE: Residential

BoConcept Awards WINNER REVISED - APRIL2019_2.png

The design is inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge and the realities of living in small spaces in Hong Kong. Looking at BoConcept's furniture as inspiration, the design proposes a new way of inhabiting these small apartments by breaking down walls, establishing visual continuity throughout the apartment and allowing spaces to flow from one room to another. The carefully curated furniture pieces therefore link the spaces together through their complimentary styles, material selections and placement in the apartment. This concept of creating a "Horizontal Urban Loft" forms the basic parti of the design - an homage to the Schröder House in Utrecht.

All the furniture pieces work together to form a dialogue with one another. Larger pieces of furniture like the Carlton Sofa and the Granada Table help anchor the spaces, while small decorative accessories such as the City Metal Prints and the Satellite Table Lamp visually links the different spaces together.

Living Room.jpg
Living Room 2.jpg
Dining Room.jpg